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Accomplishment Spotlight: VISTA Member at The Mission Continues Supports Welcome Home for Iraq Veterans April 5, 2012

Posted by servicecorpsnews in Accomplishment Spotlight.

Readers of the Call to Service Corps News will undoubtedly recall national media coverage back in January of a parade in St. Louis, Mo. to welcome home veterans of the Iraq War. What you don’t know is that an American Legion Auxiliary Call to Service Corps member assigned to The Mission Continues played a role in the event’s unqualified success!

The parade was held in St. Louis, Mo. on January 28. Accompanying the parade was an information resource and referral fair for veterans. The parade was inspired by two St. Louis residents who had noticed the absence of ticker tape parades and other civic initiatives to thank servicemembers returning from Iraq. They approached St. Louis public officials for permission and veterans service organizations for support. There was a fast and enthusiastic response, with the event moving from concept to execution within one month.

The Mission Continues, a Call to Service Corps Consortium member organization based in St. Louis, was enlisted into the effort. Among its contributions to the parade, The Mission Continues helped organize a public awareness campaign to draw support and participation. TMC deployed AmeriCorps VISTA member Nicholas Zevely for that effort. Among his service responsibilities at TMC, Nic produces online communications, including social media content. So, in the weeks leading up to the event, Nic built out the parade’s website with content for interested supporters. He also promoted the parade through social media postings. Nic’s day-of-parade responsibilities included distribution of press credentials and reporting on the event on social media and post-parade promotions.

Nearly 100,000 civilians, veterans, active duty service members and military families came out for the parade. The parade received coverage in national media outlets including AP, USA Today and MSNBC.

Nic commented on this service experience as follows: “I was proud to have been a part of the parade honoring the service and sacrifices of this generation of veterans. It’s an appreciation I carry with me to my service assignment each and every day.”

Congratulations to Nic for playing a role in recognizing Iraq War veterans for their service and connecting them to resources and services to ease their transition to civilian life.



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