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Accomplishment Spotlight — ALA VISTA Team Leaders Offer Observations on Recruiting Veterans into National Service April 30, 2012

Posted by servicecorpsnews in Accomplishment Spotlight.

The American Legion Auxiliary is fortunate to have two AmeriCorps VISTA team leaders assigned to the Call to Service Corps project. The leaders, Andrew Talbot and Sharon Riegsecker, took the initiative to learn more from our project members who served in the military.
The questions in the survey were designed to understand the veteran’s motivations for serving in both national and community service and solicit advice to better target recruiting efforts towards the veteran population. The survey was distributed by email in March 2012 and participation was voluntary.

All the members cited their commitment to serving the veteran and military community as their primary motivation for entering national service. Overall members rated their national service as valuable work experience and felt AmeriCorps and similar programs would be valuable tools to help veterans transition to civilian life. A few early conclusions were that organizations targeting veterans for recruitment should be sure and present the military and veterans focus of their projects front and center during recruiting efforts. Veteran-and-military-focused nonprofits should also seek to build relationships with pre-existing veteran’s support and community groups to build awareness of their efforts and reach veterans searching for career transitional experience.

Read the full results and conclusions at: www.nationalserviceresources.org/samples/survey-veterans-national-service-american-legion-auxiliary-call-service-corps



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