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Volunteering News to Use June 5, 2012

Posted by servicecorpsnews in Volunteering News to Use.

By Dru Secrest

Baby Boomers as Volunteers

Baby Boomers are more than just a bucket of wisdom; they are the volunteers you want at your organization! According to Independent Sector, “nearly all volunteers are [monetary] givers, and they give more than those who do not volunteer.” The working people, primarily baby boomers, are typically at the peak of their high-income years. So, you do the math!

Not only do baby boomers have the potential to become important donors, but they also “…show much greater growth in the number of hours that are given in total,” according to Independent Sector. Many of these baby boomers are on the verge of retirement, which leaves more time open for volunteering on a regular basis. Baby boomers can provide your organization with plenty of experience, dedication and monetary support, which is the key to the survival of any nonprofit organization.

Upcoming Days of Service — June

Flag Day: June 14 is the day to celebrate the birthday of the stars and stripes. On that day, we not only celebrate Flag Day, but we also celebrate the birthday of the United States Army. 1777 was the year the flag of the United States was adopted. Please take the week of June 11 or the day of June 14 to learn more about Flag Day by reading the Presidential Proclamation here. In addition, Flag Day provides Americans an opportunity for Americans to pay a patriotic salute to our servicemembers and veterans by performing acts of service in their honor, or for their benefit.



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