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Volunteering News to Use July 5, 2012

Posted by servicecorpsnews in Volunteering News to Use.

By Dru Secrest

Everyone has their reasons as to why they volunteer, whether it is to meet new people, gain experience or even to just feel good about giving back. Whatever the reason, all volunteer opportunities have the potential to boost your career. Here are five ways to use volunteer work to boost your career:

  1. Request responsibilities that you want to have. Volunteering isn’t a paid position, therefore there is more flexibility for you to select responsibilities that improve your resume.
  2. Learn from others to acquire new skills. When volunteering you will come across many people within the organization (including other volunteers) that have skills they might be willing to teach you. These skills can help translate to a paid position.
  3. Fill the gaps in your work experience. Think of your ideal career and the skills necessary. Try and volunteer in those areas in which you don’t have experience or the areas in which you would like to improve.
  4. Network! You will come in contact with numerous people while volunteering: partners, clients, donors or other volunteers. Use these encounters as opportunities to promote yourself.
  5. Include your volunteerism on your resume. Your experience may very well be of interest to recruiters, but so many jobseekers fail to include volunteer service on their resume.


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