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IMPACT: Your AmeriCorps Story in Action October 11, 2012

Posted by servicecorpsnews in Volunteering News to Use.

The AmeriCorps story is all about impact. Members contribute their time, skills and energy to solve some of our nation’s most difficult problems – in the case of the ALA Call to Service Corps, the many challenges facing veterans and military families. It is important to tell the world about our work resolving these challenges, but many are unsure how to do so effectively. The following advice, provided by the Corporation for National and Community Service, should get you thinking: Of course, these suggestions apply to anyone with responsibility for communicating the impact of their organization’s work or their individual work.

I – Identify needs and targets

What are the needs and goals of your program? With whom should you engage to share your story that will help to advance your program goals or address program needs?

M – Make a plan

Once you have decided who should hear the story, you must decide when, where and how to tell it. Try to think of innovate ways to share your story.

P – Promote your work

You have something great planned. Share your plans with the community.

A – Act

Get out there and share your story!

C – Consider next steps

How might you engage those who have heard the story in ways that will further the goals of your program?

T – Tell the world

You are now accomplished at telling the story; continue to share it in new ways with everyone you meet.



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