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Meet Andrew Talbot – AmeriCorps VISTA Leader at American Legion Auxiliary National Headquarters October 11, 2012

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Andrew Talbot is an AmeriCorps VISTA team leader assigned to American Legion Auxiliary National Headquarters through the American Legion Auxiliary Call to Service Corps. In his current assignment, Andrew is responsible for developing an operations guide for American Legion Auxiliary state chapters. He also served for twelve months as the project’s “right hand man” on major project growth areas, including development of the ALA Call to Service Corps eNews, a learning and development series for AmeriCorps members, and management of monthly member progress reporting. Prior to joining the ALA Call to Service Corps, Andrew held an AmeriCorps VISTA position with the River Region Court Appointed State Advocates (CASA) in Louisville, Ky. Andrew has also worked with several law firms in the Indianapolis area and has volunteered with the Neighborhood Christian Legal Center. Andrew holds a Juris Doctorate from the Western New England College School of Law.


1. What motivated you to serve as an AmeriCorps member?

I had several reasons for wanting to join AmeriCorps. I have always had a passion for helping others, and I think I have a strong skill set to contribute to the community. Especially now, with so many people suffering as a result of the poor economy, I think it is vital that people step up to provide for those in need. I wanted to work in a capacity where I felt I was improving the lives of others and encouraging people to volunteer.

2. What motivated you to choose your sponsor organization?

The location. I also thought my skills lined up well with the requirements of the position.

3. About what accomplishment from your year of service are you most proud?

I worked on several different projects, such as a Call to Service Corps Handbook and the American Legion Auxiliary Department Operational Guide, that will continue to be used by the my sponsor site long after I have left service.

4. What are your future plans after your AmeriCorps service year?

I am going to work for the Customs and Immigration Service within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.



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