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Accomplishment Spotlight: AmeriCorps VISTA James Casey and The Mission Continues Honor 9/11 Through Service November 1, 2012

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For James Casey, an AmeriCorps VISTA member assigned to The Mission Continues through the ALA Call to Service Corps, September 11 was more than just a tragedy — it was a call to action.

A veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Army Reserve, Casey is clear about his commitment to honor the fallen.

“Personally, for me, it’s not just a service project,” he said. “I had already been in the Army when 9/11 happened for a year and a half. At that point, I had a realization: we were going to war. To be a part of a campaign that’s helping other people and honoring the fallen by serving the living, it fills one of those great gaps that I have inside.”

The Mission Continues, a national organization dedicated to challenging veterans to serve and inspire, was a natural landing spot for Casey. With his tireless support, and with the collaboration of Volunteers of America, Got Your 6 and My Good Deed, the organization was able to recruit 751 volunteers for 9/11 service projects in Chicago, Dallas, the District of Columbia, New York City, Los Angeles and Minneapolis.

Each project honored 9/11 in a different way. In Dallas, over 75 volunteers gathered at a residential facility, where they built a new playground, repainted interiors, stained patios and railings and gathered donations.

In Los Angeles, Casey worked directly with Volunteers of America to beautify North Hollywood Apartments, a transitional housing complex that supports veterans. He recruited 118 volunteers for the project. They painted exteriors, landscaped and conducted general maintenance tasks throughout the day. Casey also secured in-kind donations totaling nearly $40,000 for the project, providing resources like paint and wood stain.

Casey is actively working towards The Mission Continues’ upcoming Veterans Day projects.



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